Om Sri Mahamayi Satsangam

Every one wants to live happily with good qualities and pleasing attitude. But due to different situations in life one is unable to live the way they want   with full of Bakthi.  We pray    god to bless us with what we need and we still have questions unanswered.

Om Sri Mahamayi aware  of her children’s  hectic  life  decided to incarnate herself as a  new powerful & graceful avatar as Mahamayi Sarvatma Rakshaki.

Whom so ever sees her gracious face will immediately surrender her   like a child. As a divine mother she can console, guide and grace her children to lead a happy & prosperous life.

Whom ever joins the Mahamayi Satsangam are lucky to get her grace & protection to safeguard & lead their life successfully. The Satsangam has various activities like Divine Mahamayi Sadana etc. Will always help the bakthas to have full control over themselves and there by   live a Successful & Divineful Life.

In today’s modern & fast developing scenario one must be a part of Mahamayi Satsangam to guide themselves and their family members an overall success.

Please come and join Satsangam, do Sadana which would lead you to the   Ultimate Sangamam.

For more information Please contact Sri Mahamayi Sathsangam Magalir kuzhumam,  Jayamathaji Ph: 92822 00856.

Om Sri Mahamayi Sarvatma Rakshaki Saranam